Monday, March 18, 2013

Moontower Saloon Chandelier by Grover Sterling

Custom chandelier for Moontower Saloon in Austin.

     Another lofty challenge.  Create a chandelier / stage light for the greatest new band bar in Austin Tx., the  Moontower Saloon.  These were the challenges given to me.  It had to be 2' or under on the depth, and 6' in diameter.
     Texas is the Lone Star State, and we Texans do love our star, so I made a steel truss frame in the shape of a star.  I had to get my genius mathematician neighbor to do the calculations for me.  It takes crazy math to make 10 trusses, equal in length, to form a 6' star.  Thank you Andy!  He tried to explain it to me, but it was like trying to teach a potato to fart.  
     On each point of the star, I used laboratory clamps and rods to hover a globe made of old Pyrex IV bottles from WW2 surplus, over a 12" long bulb.  The filaments vibrate in a wave, and the wave is from the alternating current @87megahertz.  
     The bass drum is a Slingerland, and it was in the Fonville Middle school band (Houston Tx.) back in the 1950's.   The bass drum's skin is  a synthetic / skin, and when the light goes through it, it looks like the surface of the moon.

JT Coldfire thrashing his guitar under  our custom chandelier for Moontower Saloon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Austin Grover Lamp Gallery

Lamp #crft1302 Available
Lamp #IN1432   Available


Lamp #BLU18  Available
Lamp #SOS293  Available
Lamp #DEX0102  Avaliable

Saturday, December 29, 2012

American Craft Council Dewey Decimal card challenge.

The challenge was given by American Craft Council .   Make something out of old Dewey Decimal cards from their library.  I had to do it with just 25 cards.  Challenge accepted!  

I chose to use the cards as movable blinds.  to hold the cards, I riveted small clamps onto a piece from an old recessed lighting system.
     My concept was to make a library lamp using inspiration from a lava lamp and deco design.  
    The top cone is rounded with a strip of hanging strings used to diffuse the bulb.  This lamp makes a gorgeous pattern of light on the surrounding area.  The entire piece is made from recycled parts.
     I have to admit, this was a difficult challenge.  I was only given 25 of the cards and I had to come up with a good way of showcasing them.
     I really didn't want to use old ideas, I wanted to make something completely different.  I hit a garage sale in my neighborhood that had four of those graters and that middle stainless piece.  The idea had wings from there.  I
     I also lucked out in a shop on Congress St. that had the printing blocks that spell craft.  And in the right font!
My neighbor cleverly pointed out that the pattern of light was like an eye, complete with an eyelash.  Thanks Colette!

It's been a long time since you last saw a Dewey Decimal card, so here's one of the cards up close.
Click on any of the images to see a large picture.
 The pieces are held together with a lab stand and clamp rings. 

And here is what it looks like in my television room.   I can always tell when I've made a really great lamp by how easy it is to take a photograph of it.  The lamps I consider to be a success are the ones that I can photograph using only the light from the lamp, the quality of lighting from this lamp is astonishing.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Robot's water cooler lamp.

It's finished!  Take a look at the all new line up of lamps being made available for this upcoming Pecan St Festival, here in Austin Tx.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lamp in progress for this coming Pecan St. Festival in Austin Tx.

This is the new lamp now in progress.  The base is an old gas pump meter I bought at a garage sale.  I bought a rotisserie from the grill department at Home Depot, took it apart and used the motor to turn the numbers.  I had to weld a housing together and custom make a shaft to go from the motor to the meter's input rod.

From here I will run some super bright led's to light the numbers on the front and wire in a 12" long Edison replica bulb into the glass tank.  This should be a neat one when it is finished.  

After this lamp I have another one planned, and will have it available at this upcoming Pecan St. Festival.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

Austin Grover at the Pecan St. Festival Sept. 29-30 2012

Introducing the new and improved Dexter's lab lamp

The new and improved Dexter's lab lamp stands 20" tall X 9" deep and 6" wide.   The   The globe is made of Pyrex glass and sits firmly in a 3" lab ring.  These lamps are perfect for home accents, or to light a table at a bar or restaurant.

The bases are of the absolute highest quality available and screw together rather and press together.  The lamp comes with one new 12" long filament bulb.  That's right, 12".
Each lamp comes with 10' of top quality lamp cord.  That is plenty enough cord to run  behind furniture and to an outlet.

The Dexter's Lab lamp can be shipped anywhere in the United States, in your choice of three different   colors, pink, black or red.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The new Indian Engine Lamp. An Austin Grover original design.

Put the pedal to the medal and rev your RPMs to their limit with this new Austin Grover lamp.  Eleven super bright LEDs light the solid copper tank from the top piece that resembles a supercharger.  The two toggle switches on the front control power to the LEDs and to the small yellow bulb underneath.  Finally, the three flames on the top are controlled by a remote dimmer, which allow the flames to be dimmed.  The flames run as a marquee and can stay stational, and are controlled by a hidden remote with 13 different marquee programs.         

This lamp is perfect for adding a beautiful attractive conversation piece to your home or business.     $950.00

Monday, July 23, 2012

Change time with an Austin Grover original lamp.

Interested?  Give us a call           (512)-629-9829
This new Austin Grover original designed lamp depicts time changing with the use of a grandfather clock's winding spring (time), and an antique change dispenser (changing).  

This antique fire extinguisher lamps allows you to take lighting by the horns and change it in any way you like.  It does this by functioning in three distinct ways.

1- as an dimmable ambient light.  The replica Edison bulbs are dimmable by turning the alien head.

2- as a night light.  a low energy bulb backlights the Coke bottle.

3- as a party light.  The clock spring has three small bulbs within it that run in a marquee, with 13 different programs.

These functions are controllable by two toggle switches.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Joker is back in town. An Austin Grover original lamp.

Gotham City sits in silence tonight as the Joker retreats to his hideout after another defeat.  You could imagine that his rooms would be lit with this Austin Grover lamp.

This lamp is a conversation starter, and a great way to draw attention to your favorite spot in your house.  The Joker lamp features back lit Coke bottles and handmade flames that run in a marquee, and are controlled by toggle switches. At the base of the lamp is a night light that spots on the eight ball.
Clicking on any of the images above will enlarge the image for a great look at the details